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[Sunday] Sunday Snail-Mail
Time to log in and read some reader mail... or my spam box if no one e-mails me. :<

[Monday] Monday Movie Mayhem
I eat GameVideo's bandwidth for breakfast, and you should too. It's good for you. :3

[Wednesday] Wednesday Whiskey
Me, a bottle of whiskey, and my laptop. Fun times for all... especially for me. :D

[Friday] Friggen Friday Fun FTW
Online games that will devour your time in the same way I devour fish and chips. :x
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God of War 2 Demo
Tuesday. 1.30.07 9:12 pm
GameVideos released a 3-part video, showing you the entire God of War 2 demo!
If you haven't heard, the game starts totally bad-ass.
Because, what's more bad-ass than starting off a goddamn awesome game,
with an awesome boss that's at least 100x bigger than yourself?

[ Article on GameRadar ]
Battle of the Colossus

[ PART 1 ]

[ PART 2 ]

[ PART 3 ]

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Monday Movie Mayham 29/01/2007
Monday. 1.29.07 7:11 pm
Sorry about the day late launch. Got infected with something bloody bastardous.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Alright, first off, we have a video from a guy who has a lot of time on his hands.
So he made a stop motion video... with candles.

[18+] Extreme violence, gorgon bewbs, and supreme ass kicking.
Next, is the brand new God of War 2 teaser from GameVideos.
A game like this is quite possibly the greatest way a gaming console can die.
I wish the Dreamcast died this way.

Last is a trailer for Unreal Tournament 3, and apparently, it has a plot.
Never noticed that Unreal Tournament actually had a plot.
Meh. Probably because of all those Flak Cannons going off every 0.5 seconds.

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Shakaon Launch Date
Thursday. 1.25.07 10:27 pm
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I've finally gotten off my lazy ass, and begun the preparations for launch!



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1st Draft of Layout
Monday. 1.22.07 5:47 pm
Alright, I finished the first draft of my layout.

Any comments/critiques before I make anoter draft?

- Faust

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Saturday. 1.20.07 9:02 pm
Ello there!

Welcome to SHAKAKON!, a gaming news/blog site updated by myself, Faust. God knows when I'll get around this thing started, so feel free to look around, comment, and chat whilst I get things running.

Till then, farewell, as I have much to do.

- Faust

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